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Morris Isis Wedding Car

Morris Isis / Mellisa wedding car- Stylish and Beautiful

Manufactured from 1929 to 1935 by Morris Motors Company, the Morris Isis was a replacement to Morris Six. It was a 2.6 Liter, Six Cylinder car which produced a 86 BHP of power. During its production 7406 such models were produced after which the car was replaced by its successor Morris Isis 1.

This was a popular car of its time and its usage in some of the movies of that time might be the reason for its popularity. These days, the car is equally popular among newlyweds who choose it as their wedding car so as to get a feeling of travelling in a period vehicle. The cars original engine has been restored and is regularly serviced by experienced engineers so as to keep the car in good running shape. On the exterior part the beautifully done paint job is complimented by the chrome headlight rings and other parts like tail lamps, handle bars and mirror. On the inside plush leather work is done on upholstery which adds to the luxurious feeling of this car.

For every occasion we provide the car with fresh interior and aromatic floral bouquets as per the choice of client and on the exterior we decorate the car with beautiful white or Ivory Ribbon and bouquets which enhance the charisma of this car.

Choosing this car you will make sure your presence is felt at the time of your arrival which should be distinct from others on the best day of your life. We have a vast experienced in the same domain of work and our professionally trained team of chauffeurs are always on time, polite, courteous, and will go an extra step to please their clients. We also make sure our cars do only a single event in a day so the client does not have to hurry or worry at all. All this to ensure that our clients have a happy and memorable ride on the best day of their life and they spend some cherish able moments in our car.