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Limo Driver Receiving Compensation

Limo Driver Receiving Compensation

A couple charged with assaulting a limousine driver after he told one of them he couldn’t smoke in the vehicle has pleaded guilty to a gross misdemeanour crime in Hennaing County Court. The pair were described as nasty and didn’t care about anything.

Elizabeth Brewer, 23, and James Miller, 25, who live at the same address in Shakopee, were charged with felony third-degree assault resulting in substantial bodily harm and gross misdemeanour stalking with intent to injure. According to the criminal complaint, a man came to the police department’s Fifth Precinct station on Nov. 19 to report that he had been assaulted at about 2:30 a.m. outside the Downtown Cabaret Club in Minneapolis.

The man, a limousine driver, said he was flagged down outside the club by a security guard, who asked him to take four people home. Miller got into the front passenger seat, and two men and Brewer got into the back of the limo, according to the complaint.