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Limo Hire Nottinghamshire

Limo Hire Nottinghamshire

Nottinghamshire offers an exceptional combination of peaceful rural character, essential English history and one of the world's most enduring legends. Nottingham City, at the heart of the county, offers an easy transition to the complimentary lifestyle of vibrant city life, quality shopping and abundant cultural opportunities.

The magic of Robin Hood is never far away. Rooted in ancient religion, our hero's trail can be followed from the mystic glades of Sherwood Forest. A major attraction, the Tales of Robin Hood, in Nottingham also offers the chance to experience the legend at first hand. For this chance we recommend the Range Rover sport an ancient car yet contemporary style.

Nottingham City's medieval and industrial history continues to fascinate visitors who are drawn by the welcoming atmosphere and fascinating attractions. It has recently won the award for England's Visitor Attraction of the Year. Nottingham also boasts some of the finest shopping in the country. From unique designer wear to high street stores, the choice is exceptional. The city is also well known for its nightlife, restaurants and entertainment. So why not be a customer you can visit all these places and experience the lavish nightlife style of the city when you hire one of cars Brasco Limos have trained professional chuffers that will tour you round the city so wait book know we have a range of cars and limos to choose from.

A year round programme of events draws visitors from around the world and includes; the annual Robin Hood Festival, the 700 year old Goose Fair, the Robin Hood Pageant and the world’s largest antique fairs.

Nottinghamshire will thrill you with its past and inspire you with its future. So don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to tour the streets of Nottingham and experience the lurid nightlife in one of our cars Brasco Limos.