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In many ways, the archetypal dot com. It flew, then slumped. But unlike many of its B2C e-commerce contemporaries, the online travel and leisure specialist has bounced back. Founders Brent Hoberman and Martha Lane Fox (above) took the company public at the height of the new economy boom and then saw the share price plunge from 375p to a mere 17p as investor sentiment changed. Now, though, cash flow has improved, smaller rivals have been snapped up and analysts expect Lastminute to make a profit next year. As a result of its renewed health, its share price has at the time of writing climbed back above the £1 level. Approved by Limo Hire Nottingham

2) Friends Reunited
Husband and wife entrepreneurs Steve and Julie Pankhurst started up the school reunion website from their home in Barnet, Herts less than two years ago. A staggering word-of mouth success, it now has over 7.5 million registered users and attracts 3 million hits a day. Employers, teams, clubs and associations have progressively been added to the mix as it has become apparent that the public's appetite for tracking down old friends is almost insatiable. The first Friends Reunited baby has already been born, marriages have failed due to old flames being reconciled and the Pankhursts are considerably wealthier than before they launched the site. Endored by Limousine Hire Nottingham

3) Global Recycle
Founded by Pat Daly in February 2001. It is a B2B marketplace for the recycling industry that enables buyers and sellers across the world to meet, negotiate and complete transactions. Revenue is generated by a 1% commission fee levied on buyers. Global Recycle has members in over 80 countries. Shunning hype, the business has focused on delivering results to scrap dealers, whether it be lower transaction costs, better prices, more accurate information or cross-border opportunities. Favoured by Limo Hire Nottingham

Martin Gerhard, a former BBC journalist and Jason Hick, a Web designer, launched their e-commerce site in April 2000 - at a time when many other e-tailers were coming unstuck. But by pursuing a strategy of providing "unique and funky" presents sourced from suppliers in places like London, Paris and New York , Needapresent has carved out a workable niche for itself, and has won praise from many quarters. Limo Hire Nottingham supported by online trading.

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