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The All New Audi A3

Audi A3

Because big things comes in small packages Audi A3 sportback, the latest model from the Company which is to be launched in 2013 is already creating waves with the car lovers. The small family car was unveiled in the Paris Motor show and has a number of new features. The redesigned sportback model is more fuel efficient and has the latest features like Audi side assist that can aid to driving and parking. The Audi A3 would have 7 models- four with gasoline and 3 with diesel fuel option. The different versions of the car would have different engine also and is quite fuel efficient. The company has decided to launch a version with natural gas TCNG engine which is perfect for the eco-friendly people.

This car helps in bringing down the CO2 emission and is thus considered to be environment friendly. All-in-all the small car has almost all the good features that makes Audi a brand. The earlier Audi A3 versions are already available to the car lovers and are popular with them for the comfort and features it offers. Buying it may however not be an option for many people as this car is a bit expensive. But if you want to ride it and experience driving it then you can get it on rent. There are a number of car hire companies in UK that maintain an extensive fleet of luxury cars and family cars.

You can easily contact them and they can help you to get the car of your choice. Renting the car is much more affordable and helps you to fulfill your dream. So whether you are traveling and need a car in another city or need to hire the car in the same city for any special event, you can hire it through these companies. You can get to know about them online which also make it possible for you to contact different companies, learn about their services and get the rental price as well. Apart from getting Audi, the rental companies have other luxury vehicles as well which gives you the ease to book and drive the car of your dreams.

The cars can be hired for a few hours or on continuous basis and the rent is charged accordingly. People generally hire the Audi A3 and other cars while traveling or for special occasions. You can rent it for your wedding anniversary, prom night, birthdays, and any other occasion. The cars that are provided by the rental companies are well maintained and they also help you to get chauffeurs who can make you feel like a celebrity and make the ride memorable. People also hire these cars for airport transfers and get luxury cars for corporate events as it looks impressive and helps in creating a good corporate image.