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Brasco Limos Nottingham

Brasco limousine hire are now offering fabulous offers in the city of Nottingham, we have now extended our limousine fleet and are offering some of the most luxurious wedding cars the world has on offer for the most competitive prices in the market. Our limousine service in Nottingham is simply UN touchable and you can’t find the service we provide anywhere else when it comes to limousines. No matter what the occasion in the Nottingham area whether you are going to get married in lively city or you’re coming on a Stag due to experience some of Nottingham’s nightlife with great clubs such as Oceana and Gatecrasher, there is simply loads to do in the city of Nottingham.

If nightclubbing is not quite your thing in Nottingham then why not check out the local football team Nottingham Forest which offer some fabulous tours of the ground and a history into the once the European champions, or take a foot into the world of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest, which is ideal for all the family to get involved with. Not forgetting that Brasco offer fantastic wedding packages from one hour hire to our special all day wedding packages.

Nottingham is also a fabulous place for proms, there are plenty of schools in the Nottinghamshire area and we provide these schools with the most exclusive vehicles and a prom service which is out of this world for young people all across the UK travelling in and out of the Nottingham area.

If you are interested in any of Brasco’s services then please feel free to contact us and receive your free quote for limo hire in Nottingham today.