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Twilight Stars £35k Dress

Twilight Stars £35k Dress

The Duchess of Cambridge's wedding gown wasn't alone in causing widespread anticipation this year. In fact, Bella Swan - the fictional star of the Twilight movie series ran her a close second as fans of the money-spinning franchise clamoured for information about the design of her dress. Now newly released images from the box-office smash show Bella's Carolina Herrara dress in all its glory. And it appears to have taken a little inspiration from a familiar quarter. For months the wedding costume has been shrouded in secrecy, with Zac Posen swiftly denying rumours that he was the designer prior to the film's release. 

Fans immediately commented on the news which has been hotly anticipated for months. LubaMatveeva said: 'I really can't wait for breaking dawn! I think that dress will be beautiful like Bella!'In her 30-year career Herrera, 72, has dressed everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Blake lively and her label was Jackie Onassis's favourite. She was bridal designer of choice for Renee Zellweger and Christina Hendricks and outside the U.S. her brand is synonymous with its array of fragrances. 

Cast and crew took ample measures to ensure that nothing was leaked during filming using swathes of tarpaulin and armed police; however stills of the couple consummating their marriage were posted on-line. Author of the Twilight saga, Stephanie Meyer issued a statement requesting to stop posting photos and to wait for the films.