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limo into Funeral Car

Limo into Funeral Car

Mike Vervoot the owner of a limousine company in America has decided to take a different route in the limousine business turning one of his hummer limos into a dedicated funeral car. He has been running limousines since five years ago however he said he has added something very special to the fleet and something what nobody else has in the area at the moment.

He said that the Hummer is something which means a lot to him and something which now means something to him.

He has made the limousine into a 21 passenger limo with cherry wood hardwood flooring, leather seating and has really spent a lot of time putting together this hummer funeral car, he plans to advertise the vehicle and said when somebody dies and they attend the funeral they are celebrating the great lives which they have lived and remember the good things which happen not just the sad times.

He now plans to offer the vehicle to the funeral services around the area and offer his vehicle to the local companies which help arrange the funeral days.