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Two Guys Steal H2

Two Guys Steal H2

Two guys from Texas have been charged on the account of armed robbery, the two men had been eyeing up the limousine from around 6pm when they decided they were going to make a move on the limousine.

They then took matters in their own hands and started to beat the driver up before getting in the car and driving the hummer away. The pair couldn’t have possibly thought they was going to get away stealing such a car however they did manage to escape as the Police arrived later then possible.

The crooks did not know that the Hummer had a IPhone in which had a tracking device for mobiles, the customer who was in the limousine all night had been partying while the driver waited outside for the party to come out of the nightclub. The crooks had not noticed the IPhone which was in the back of the limousine.

The police then used the tracking device which sent them straight to the limousine and crooks were actually still inside the limousine asleep hid in a garage. The Police then arrested them and went back to station where they are now being questioned.