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Used Limousine Hire Market Manchester

Used Limousine Hire Market Manchester

Limousine Hire Manchester The used Limousine market has gained momentum for 2 main reasons. Firstly owners of limousine companies rush out to buy newer limousines, having a new or almost a new limousine means an increase in business and that’s vital in this highly saturated market today

Secondly, many limousine companies have closed down due to the current climate, therefore increasing the used limousine market
Over time more and more clients prefer to hire vehicles which are new or unique, hence, companies going for limousine which are new and most importantly different at Limo Hire Manchester

We all like to be dissimilar and meeting the customers’ demands is paramount to running a successful limo company, for this reason the used limo market is inevitably becoming flooded with limousines which are probably obsolete. Even though some of these limos are only a few years old they are un-wanted by major limousine operators across the UK

Buying a used limousine would probably equate to the age old saying “shooting yourself in the foot”. These limousines would not help achieve a competitive edge over other major limousine companies, thus wasting money and not gaining a competitive edge. It’s about being different and for this reason buying something new and different is what any sane limousine company owner would do.

Buying a used limousine would mean having something on the fleet that people have already seen, there’s no point and no one out there will be talking about your company. There are many very good quality limousines available to buy on the market today, if anything the choice for these limousines is greater than ever before. 

As anyone can appreciate as there are more used limousines available than a few years ago, this has decreased the value of the vehicles. This is good news if you are thinking about setting up a new limousine hire company, you will need less capital and the quality of the vehicle would be a lot higher than a number of years ago. As an old operator it’s not only the quality that matters, it’s about how different the product is that will win over the clients and allow you to have the edge. Overall in terms of quality yes there are some great vehicles out there.

Hire prices will always reflect the quality and age of the vehicles, if we had a limousine which is 5 years old and a limousine which was 6 months old, it will be silly to be charging the same prices as the customers will always prefer the newer one and the old one will always stand around catching up with rust. Clients have become cleverer over the years and will want to know what you are providing them with so yes we would change our prices and that’s a given.