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The Awe Factor Of A Limousine

The Awe Factor Of A Limousine

By: dror klar

Admit it. You, just like everyone else, have seen a limousine and watched transfixed as it passed. And just like everyone else, you wondered who was behind the darkly tinted windows. 

What rich, famous, glamorous person will step out? It could be the star of movies, television, music, or an oil tycoon. But you know whoever it is you are impressed, even if you do not recognize the passenger. 

That's the appeal of a limousine - it never fails to grab the imagination. 

The presidential motorcade, with flags blowing on the breeze, inspires awe. The long line of sleek automobiles with the secret service men trotting along side definitely creates a sense of suspense, mystery and intrigue. The same goes for foreign heads of state and other dignitaries who speed through the streets with official seals, flags and other symbols that indicate their status. There is something about this that commands respect, attention, and admiration. 

Nothing adds to the ambiance of a special occasion like a limousine. Any wedding is made a little more special when the bride arrives in a limousine. Young people today make use of a limousine to go to and from prom and graduation parties. 

Limousines are hired to make a favorable impression by businesses and by the general population when someone wants a special means of transportation to an event. The wealthy use a limousine to carry themselves and their families along with their bodyguards and other personal attendants. 
Funeral homes often provide a limousine for the immediate family of the departed. 
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When I see a limo there are several thoughts that come to mind. I automatically think of the glamour of Hollywood. The handsome man with a beautiful lady on his arm, both of them dressed in splendid evening wear, furs and exquisite jewelry. The stars of movies and music, their entourage, handlers, and representatives choose the limousine as the preferred means of transportation. 

I also think of the wealthy oil baron, dark and mysterious, from a far-away land, speaking a language I can not understand and I think of the tale of Aladdin. I also think of old gangster movies with the bullet proof windows and doors protecting those inside. 

We all hold a fantasy of who rides in a limousine. No matter who is riding in the limousine, we all are in awe of the vehicle and the persons inside become almost coincidental. It is the vehicle that got and held our attention.

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