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Little Minx Spotted in Limousine

Little Minx Spotted in Limousine

Following their recent success in the X-Factor the group have been spotted travelling around the city in a limousine to their locations. The Mercedes limousine which has been travelling around the towns has been collecting the new group from spot to spot taking them to their parties and meetings.

The pair won the battle in the final show of the X-Factor meaning they won a reported £8million meaning £2million each however this is just reported and the proper numbers are not yet official.

Little Minx will now see how well their new single Cannonball does and whether they can take the Christmas number one as we know it doesn’t happen every year with Matt Cardle being beat last year. A lot of the hopefuls in the X-Factor are set to make contracts along with different record companies but the Little Minx stars are set for a little vacation around the Christmas time and then they will be back to business working on a debut album and single records. Tulisa who was head of the girl band said that she wants the group to perform a track with herself.